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Dewy with a touch of glow.

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Hi everyone,

I'm here to share a few current favourite, affordable products that I have recently tried out. If your after a primer and foundation that can help you achieve a dewy base with a touch of glow, then read on...

I love finding base products that not only do the trick but are affordable finds, especially with the huge variety of products available these days, it can get a little confusing!


I'm a true believer in priming the skin before applying any base products, it is definitely one product I cannot live without. Priming your skin helps to create a barrier between the skin and the base products you apply, minimising your pores getting blocked as well. A primer I have recently tried and loved (it literally has gold flecks in it, which subtly show up on the skin) is the Australis Midas Touch Serum Primer.

I was on the hunt for a new, affordable primer and was happy to come across this one. It contains Vitamin E, Honey and Gardenia Flora Extract help to soothe and brighten your skin tone, so I'd highly recommend this primer for dry skin. I have oily/combination skin with the tendency to get dry spots and this primer worked well with my skin type.

Personally, I wouldn't normally use a primer that contains oil, due to my tendency to get oily and shiny during the day, however I gave this one a go based on what my skin needed at the time, hydration and didn't have any issues.

Please note that all skin types are different and what may work for me personally, may not work for you. It's all about knowing what your skin needs and what will and won't work for your skin type. Wherever possible, test things out before buying.

The primer also has a bottle droplet feature which I personally love and a little does go a long way. I use about 2-3 drops which does the trick.


Along with the Midas Touch Serum Primer, I paired it with the Australis Liquid Elixir Serum Foundation. It's always a good idea to get a primer that will match your foundation. For example, a serum based primer with a serum based foundation will go together nicely.

This foundation offers a light to medium coverage which can be buildable to a medium coverage. It is a very lightweight almost watery consistency, so I would recommend concealer for those spots that need a little extra help, since it isn't a full coverage foundation.

The Liquid Elixir Serum Foundation is oil free, paraben free and enriched with Vitamin E, making it very hydrating. It also has a bottle droplet feature, which I found very convenient and quick to use. I put the droplet directly onto my face and let the product drip down followed by brushing or blending it around for a quick foundation application.

Liquid Elixir Serum Foundation RRP: $24.95

If you'd like to achieve a dewy and natural base, I'd recommend hydrating products like the ones I've mentioned in this blog. I especially love the idea of gold flecks in my primer, they actually do help you glow! I'd also like to add that both these products are vegan and cruelty free (yay!) to anyone that is searching for base products that are both vegan and cruelty free at an affordable price.

Both products can be purchased from the links I have provided below for your convenience. and

I hope this review has helped and can kick start you off to achieving that glow! Stay tuned for more reviews, I'm thinking of focusing a lot more on "affordable" brands and products. Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more with you all!

Love Katia xx

Photo by me, featuring the Midas Touch Serum Primer and Liquid Elixir Serum Foundation.

Product Recommendations Disclaimer: I purchased these products based purely on wanting to try them out. The links above are for convenience only and are not affiliated, unless otherwise stated or a discount code is offered, in which there is an affiliation. All product reviews on my blog are of products I have personally tested and use or have used on a regular basis and have liked.

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