My Top 5 Drugstore Makeup Products of 2017 (Part 2)

4. Australis Unicorn Drops Liquid Highlighter in "White"

I just HAD to include the Australis Unicorn Drops Liquid Highlighter. I admit, this was one of those products that caught my eye on the shelf at Priceline and it got instantly added to my basket! I am a huge fan of highlighters but I am always going for the powder options, as not all liquid highlighters work with all foundations/powders after being applied.

I wanted to try this one out because it looked like a multi-use product that I could really do a lot with and after playing around with it a few times since purchasing, I would have to say that it is. This highlighter can be used to spot highlight the face and can even be mixed in with your favourite liquid foundation for an all over glow.

A little goes a long way with this highlighter which is always a plus. The consistency is light but with high pigment and applies easily with either a brush or finger when spot highlighting the desired area.

This pretty highlighter can be purchased at: and and retails for: $19.99

5. Designer Brands All Eyes On You Eye shadow Tin

Who doesn't love a little colour in their life? I know I do, especially in my eye shadow palettes! It doesn't hurt to add in a few neutral shades either. I'll start by saying that is one thing I love about this tin palette. Whenever working with colours, you always need a good transition/blending shade and base shade so it's always handy not to have to dig into another palette, especially when on the go.

This palette features a Tin case and has a mirror on the inside of the lid. I actually took this palette away on vacation due to the fact that the case is sturdy and my shadows lasted the trip. Another reason I chose this palette (as I was only wanted to take one with me) is because of the colour range, this palette provides a wide range of shades that can be used for many different types of makeup looks, like neutral to full on glam!

Now to one of the most important parts (well for me anyways), the pigmentation. I was quite pleased with the colour pay off with the eyeshadows and they also blend out well. I found with the darker shades especially, not a lot of colour was needed to create a bold eye look and the neutral shades were buildable whilst still pigmented enough not to need too many applications.

I have attached swatches of all 15 shades above along with a picture of the actual palette, please note that the colours may vary slightly due to lighting and the camera. I actually want to mention the shade I've used the most, and it’s the bottom right larger panned light pink shimmer shade (see picture reference above). This shade is so pigmented, and I have used it for all over spot highlighting, as it doesn't show up TOO pink when applying to areas subtly and of course on the eyes as a base shade on the eyelid and for inner eye highlight.

Now for the price, this palette was only $15.00! So, when it came out with the Designer Brands 2017 Christmas Collection the price caught my eye. As this palette was a Christmas edition, I haven't seen it available anymore but I still wanted to post as the quality was great for the price paid, so I'll definitely be checking out more eyeshadow palettes from:

Now that I've gone through each one of my favourite affordable products that I loved in 2017 and going through to 2018, I'll wrap it up here. I hope this has helped anyone wanting to find beauty products that work on a budget and are cruelty free!

Stay tuned for more blogs in 2018 on affordable finds, tips and tricks and all things makeup. As always please leave any questions or recommendations on anything you'd to know more about!


Katia xx

Product Recommendations Disclaimer: I purchased these products based purely on wanting to try them out. The links above are for convenience only and are not affiliated, unless otherwise stated or a discount code is offered, in which there is an affiliation. All product reviews on my blog are of products I have personally tested and use or have used on a regular basis and have liked.

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